About us
TEZ DMC is a group of companies that organizes ground service in various tourist destinations. Our B2B project provides a convenient process for searching, booking and selling accommodation, transfers and other kinds of services.

Direct contracts with more than 10.000 hotels


More than 3000 excursions


Highly professional staff: hotel representatives, transfer guides, licensed excursion guides


A properly functioning information system and sophisticated technology


Combined excursion tours


Own auto-park for transfer service

Since our foundation in 1994 we have grown into a worldwide group of companies. We continuously develop and expand our operations in other countries every year, by opening new offices in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and the Middle East. The tourism sector has been evolving and changing very quickly and that is why TEZ DMC has high hopes for internet technologies. We constantly develop our B2B website for tourism professionals, where they can book all of our services online. We permanently work on improving the quality and convenience of online services available for our partners.
Our Benefits

We operate in more than 30 countries


We have our own software development company


We only work with trusted and reliable partners


High quality service is our priority


We are an international team of professionals with extensive experience


Extensive offer base from exclusive hotels.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a full range of travel services to meet the business models of our customers.
Our Vision
To be the largest customer centric DMC network and to combine a high quality service with advanced tourism technology.

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